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Curating and Installing the Lyndon Richards Exhibition at Penarth Pier Pavilion

Lyndon Richards

Exhibition on display at Penarth Pier Pavilion
18th October – 6th November 2014


Lyndon Richards is influenced by painters who lived and painted around Pont Aven and Concarneau, France around 1900, such as Le Gout-Gerard, Charles Fromuch and Charles Cottet. He makes frequent visits to Brittany to draw and paint.


Lyndon paints an average of between 15- 20 paintings a year, in many different locations,
including Britney, Wales, Cornwall.


We displayed 60 pieces today, all painted since 2009,
some of which were shown at The Washington Gallery in Penarth, August 2011.


Lyndon attempts, and in my opinion, very much succeeds to make his work look rustic, as though without terrific precision, but in order to get them right he does tend to be quite precise, so he is swaying between the two different styles and it definitely works well. I believe the paintings offer a calmness and beauty in today’s often frantic world.


His painting style is more nonchalant, rather than impressionism.


I love this photograph of Lyndon, organising and ordering his original drawings.
On sale at Penarth Pier Pavilion
Large – £120
Small – £90




Some of the pieces are very small and in such a large open space it was a challenge to get the pieces to stand out, but they work so amazingly together, you can really picture them being displayed in someones home.



This piece is called ‘Polruan Sunset, from Fowey’
Oil on board – £145
On sale at Penarth Pier Pavilion


The frames are really important to this work, as they help represent the look and era
of the french artists which are such an inspiration to Lyndon’s practice.
I am really happy about the over all look of the exhibition.


Lyndon Richards hasn’t always painted in this style in the 1970’s he painted large scale paintings of the welsh valleys, focusing on subject matters such as old people stood outside terrace housing. Painting these pieces of course influenced his career path and took him to france, where he was able to open his own gallery in Josselin for nearly 10 years.


Working with Lyndon on curating this show was an absolute pleasure,
he is an inspiring and talented artist as well as a lovely  man.

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2 thoughts on “Curating and Installing the Lyndon Richards Exhibition at Penarth Pier Pavilion

  1. Lyndon Richards on said:

    Thank you Bethie for doing such a superb job here, Lyndon

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