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Curating and Installing the Frankie Locke and Peter Raymond Exhibition at Penarth Pier Pavilion

This exhibition consists of two very different artists, working in very different ways.

Frankie Locke
Peter Raymond


Frankie Locke
and Peter Raymond are fellow artists and colleagues. As scenic artists and prop makers they have worked together for the Welsh National Opera, curated exhibitions and exhibited together on many occasions.

Today I helped curate and install their new exhibition at Penarth Pier Pavilion.


 Both Locke and Raymond have incredible creative minds, but how they projected them onto the gallery walls today was so different.

Frankie Locke creates colourful ceramics and paintings, which explore movement and fluidity and the vulnerability of humans.

10719161_10154670990030311_187816273_n(Ceramic Review Article Here)

Peter Raymond creates black and white prints, cutting from wood, lino and plastic, his work is both mythical and reflective of his own travels and life experiences.



We started by laying out both artists work, around the gallery space.



Frankie and Peter were both very sure that all Frankie’s work was to be exhibited on the left of the room and all Peter’s on the right, cutting the space in half. Half colour, half black and white, it really works well and is very striking.


I worked with Frankie to unwrap her pieces, it felt like christmas, her work is mesmerising.


Chris worked with Peter and Barbara to start hanging Peter’s prints.


While hanging the work it was amazing to work with and talk to both artists about their process, both physically through their choice of media and techniques and also their concepts and reasoning behind different aspects of the work.


The above piece by Frankie Locke is inspired by the Blue Lagoon in Abereiddy
and by the artists personal self-refection while being in this beautiful place.

BB89E9EFE9475D115FAC1F39C87C16_h498_w598_m2Reference- Blue Lagoon in Abereiddy

Frankie’s work is based on “things that can happen to the human and how we react to that”, I find this so interesting, because it can be so personally but so board. Only Frankie will know why the work has a certain pill packet or medicine incorporated within it or why the disc’s which she calls ‘receptacles’ are holding a certain colour or shape, but everyone can relate to being human and reacting to illness, be it a personally reaction or a reaction to a loved one being diagnosed.

10715663_10154670990665311_991811714_n“Being diagnosed with something which is a life long condition can have big affects on people,
like becoming depressed.” – Frankie Locke

10715965_10154670990445311_1898504548_n While talking through the work, Barbara was reminded of Villa Palagonia, a patrician villa in Bagheria,
in Sicily, southern Italy, when looking at Frankie’s piece ‘Ocular ‘.

Villa Palagonia


‘Ocular’ was actually inspired by Frankie’s own eye scan from the optician.
Looking at the same piece Chris and I felt like it evoked a sense of ‘space’ and the universe, which is interesting as a human eye ball is so small compared with the infinite universe, they are quite opposites, yet have similar line and shapes and pattern.





Peter’s work could not be further from the vibrance and heat of Frankie’s work.
Peter’s prints are simple and clean but have a high impact, they look incredible all together in a gallery setting,
where the black and white can really pop amongst the plain white walls and light wood floor,
and I am certain one would look incredible if bought and put on display in a home.


Each piece has an individual narrative and thought process, be it a religious reference or someone or something
Peter has come across in the street or at a museum, for example and has then created a story out of these observations.


This piece is called ‘Jonah’ inspired by the National Museum in Cardiff City Centre, Peter has written a piece to go with it.


I really enjoy the whimsical jest of Peter’s pieces and there is no doubt of the skill that goes into creating these pieces.





Peter Raymond has displayed his process, with the initial sketch, which helps him to choose which parts of the image are going to be white and which are black, the print block and tools.


I am really happy with the end result, the exhibition looks fantastic, striking in its contrast between Frankie’s work and Pete’s work.


I really enjoyed working with the artists Frankie and Peter, Barbara (Peters partner) and Chris the Penarth Pier Pavilion Technician.


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2 thoughts on “Curating and Installing the Frankie Locke and Peter Raymond Exhibition at Penarth Pier Pavilion

  1. ANDREW HELLIWELL on said:

    Hello enjoyed reading about your busy time. The gallery and arrangement of the art looks really good. I hope she was pleased with all your hard work? X


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