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Curating and Installing the Shelter Cymru Charity Welsh Art Auction at Penarth Pier Pavilion

ppp3_logo250Today was a good day. A creative day.

I once again got to do what I hope to do as a career. Curate.

My lovely friend Abi Trotman is Exhibitions and Retail Manager at Penarth Pier Pavilion and she invited me to come and curate the ‘Shelter’ Charity Art Auction for her. Mixing my experience in art galleries with that of my charity fundraising I put together the exhibition, in what I hope will be a logical, functional order for auction as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the viewer.


We firstly laid out the pieces in which region they have been donated from, London, North Wales and South Wales, by mainly sectioning off in this way, many of the subject matters flow together and this will also be much more efficient when auctioning the pieces on Friday night, giving a preset logical order to the evening.


We then unwrapped the paintings, photographs and mixed media pieces and started placing them with pieces that compliment each other. I was looking for colours that flowed and complimented each other. An example of this is that it worked well to have some of the paler blue pieces with the theme of the sea together because they are similar in due to their calmness and tranquility.

I mixed up my approach where necessary to create a stark contrast, I chose to place the black and white photography piece ‘Smiling through the grime’ taken by photographer Non Davies, next to the vibrate abstract painting ‘Infinity’ by Ian Banham due to the fact that much of welsh culture is surrounded by mining and I wanted this to punch through the beauty of ‘infinity’ and these both are both complimented by the wonderfully colourful ‘The colours of a Time Traveller’ by Terry Ryall on the opposite wall.


You can view the art online here:

It was a challenge to make so many different pieces of work flow cohesively in the space, due to varying sizes, colours, concepts and subjects, but with the help of the brilliant Chris and Jenny, we were did it.


Roll on Friday’s Auction, I can not wait to see how much money we raise for such a good cause. Thankyou to Abi Trotman and Penarth Pier Pavilion for this incredible opportunity. …and lastly look at the view I enjoyed while putting up the show! Bliss. 10716048_10154662036820311_1086264425_n

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