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Frame 1, 2 and 3.


Frame one is based on the lowest level of Psychologist Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. Maslow’s theory is based on the idea of ‘levelling up’. We as humans are always striving for ‘better’ and ‘more’. The lowest level is about having shelter, food and warmth. These are the key things that homeless people have told me they aim for. Equally without these things there is no way a person can ‘level up’ to experiencing paid work or even a family and friend network.


IMG_4798Frame two has two meanings; firstly, it is the shape of the full ‘Hierarchy of Needs’, which is symbolic of everyone’s daily struggle to succeed a fulfilled life. This shape is also representative of temporary living, with its shape being similar to a traditional one man A-frame tent. Homeless men around Cardiff I have spoken to say that a tent is often one of the most valuable things they can get hold of, as they can go into Bute Park and have a relatively comfortable night’s sleep.


IMG_4705Frame three is called ‘home’. This structure is dedicated to Bute Park man. Although his dwelling doesn’t look like a home to us, it is a home to him. He is happy and this type of living is all he has ever known. The shape is based on a simple home, as if a child has drawn it, giving this piece innocence and a dreamlike quality. Every single homeless man I spoke to wants a home to call his own.







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