Bethie Helliwell Portfolio

Consultancy Module: October 2012

I’m in the very early stages of my 3rd and final year on BA(hons) Textile Art.

Our Consultancy Module is very broad, we can pretty much do anything we want to as long as we have something to show for exhibition.

My starting points are:

Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags

My Great Aunt Peggy’s Diaries

Precious Crystals

I am focusing mainly on Hand Printing and Screen Printing as my specialisms.

The five flags symbolise the five elements that are shown in Prayer Flags:

Fire, Earth, Water, Energy and Air.

The brown labels have quotes from my Great Aunt Peggy’s diaries which capture key points in my families lives.

My Dads birth 1956, my Parents wedding 1988, my birth 1991, my Sisters birth 1994 and my Granddad passing away 2002.

I did some experiments with my own screen printed flags, picking the ones which were made of light weight neutral fabrics. I nailed one end of the rope to the wall and held the other end, moving it in all different directions whilst taking photographs and a video. I am pleased with the outcomes and would like to try putting them in a park, or somewhere outside with real wind to see how they react before I chose which fabrics to by next.

I really like the movement of Prayer Flags being in the wind,
as they are usually high up in the mountains with high winds,
both the noise and look of the flags are important.

I am really pleased with the movement I have captured in these images.

Please see below more photographs of my current work.

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