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Art Car Bootique 2012 – Bethie Wells – Interactive Installation

Today’s Art Car Bootique at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff went better than I could of ever imagined. I showed an installation, which is part of my current series of work, based around the graphic symbol of “doors”. This series of work is extremely personal so to have the opportunity to show and share this with the public was a privilege. I hope you enjoy the photographic evidence of my open studio interactive piece inclusive of 2 panel doors at 90degrees to each other, around 170 nails, lots of black and white thread and many fab people helping me ‘thread up’ the panels of the doors. From children to adults, primary school art club members to gallery owners this technique is enjoyable. The first thing around 80% of participants said was “this is therapeutic”. This is so interesting for me, as I am making this work as a personal alternative therapy, so the fact that the majority of the people who helped me create this piece found it relaxing and encapsulating really meant a lot to me. The ‘thread up’ technique we used today created graphic yet abstract ghost doors upon the original panel doors. This piece explores the saying “When one door closes another one opens”.

 I gave members of the public instructions on technique and many followed perfectly. However the ‘thread ups’ that were my favourite were those with a personal touch. The ones that broke my rules. Kim from Tactile Bosch and red headed 4 year old Olivia both did this extremely well. Going off the planned structure of the nails and exploring shapes that could be made. For Kim it was a V shape which hung between both doors and for Olivia she was very pleased to have created “kisses” which were cross overs on the lowest left hand panel.

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