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“All had doors and windows carelessly open and none showed a light.”


Plymouth Arts Centre exhibition: Then there was the sky….

Duration: 14 January – 26 February  extended till 26th March

Artists: Rhodri Brooks, Sammy Cowin, Joanna De Los Reyes, Ali Donkin, Daniel Jones, Hannah Jump, Ervin Martini, Hannah Pollard, Shona Ritchie, Katie Shaw, Daniela Snovakova, Sophie Troczynska, Ana-Ciara Ulamoleka, Jessica Wellington, Bethie Helliwell(most of which you can see below)


YPAC is a Plymouth Arts Centre initiative, within which young people meet and share ideas, plan and do creative projects. The group have come to operate as an artists collective. Then there was the sky… is the first time that they have worked together to curate a whole exhibition and the accompanying programme of events.

Then there was the sky…

Video by Daniel Jones

Bethie Helliwell: “All had doors and windows carelessly open and none showed a light.”

My randomly selected sentence from the HG Wells book: In the Days of the Comet was:
“All had doors and windows carelessly open and none showed a light.”

I explored this literally and visually. I find pealing paint and old buildings really interesting and as Plymouth Arts Centre as just recently been refurbished, it is looking more clean and modern. I think this was a really important development for arts culture in Plymouth as a hub for Contemporary Art. However I have worked with PAC for 4 years, starting with painting the galleries and installing artworks, for artists such as Roy Ascott and Lucy Orta, this inspired me to bring the originally features of the 200+ year old building back to centre stage. The window I choose was from an old school building in Cardiff and has a similar feel to the windows in PAC. The gallery space my work is situated in is called ‘The Window Gallery’ and its new main focus, after the refurbishment is to be a window into Plymouth Arts Centres offsite projects. Hence our Young Plymouth Arts Centre exhibition, as an insight in the Education Curation of Caroline Mawdsley.

I will now discuss a brief overview of my techniques. I projected a drawing I did of a slightly open door into the wall of Plymouth Arts Centre and banged nails into the corners, then by linking the nails with thread I created this graphic image. Then window I found in a skip in Cardiff (2nd year textiles BA). Traveling down to Plymouth with it was eventful. The spiderweb type threads are to connect both emelments block the light from entering, both the slit in the open door and the open window panels. I have achieved a 3D look by pushing the thread to the back of the nails on the left and to the front of the nails on the right, making the door look like you could just about walk through it but would be trapped by the threads.

You can view my work in Plymouth Arts Centre until 26th February. 

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