Bethie Helliwell Portfolio

Platform P

Ring Master for Platform P

(Photography by Glen Stoker)

Duration: Friday 4th November 2011 – Sunday 6th November 2011

Platform P challenges – collaborates – dialogues

Platform P partners – infiltrates – imagines – plays

P is for Plymouth, people, places, partners, play, performance…

-Edith Doove (freelance curator and contributing researcher with Transtechnology Research at the University of Plymouth)
-Ray White (freelance curator,  programmer and artist)

(Photography by Glen Stoker)

David BlandyOlga BoldyreffSara BomansNicola CanavanRyan CurtisAlexandra DementievaDesert Island VidsAnna FrancisSally HallHrafnhildur HalldorsdottirJason HironsPeter HulsmansNathalie HunterMichèle Noach, Hannah Pollard, Stefaan Quix, Kensa Ricorla, Sylvia RimatRemco RoesAlan SmithFrancesca Steele, Sophie Troczynska, Jess Young

(information from:

(Performance Artist: Hannah Pollard)
(Photography by Glen Stoker)

I had an organisational role at Platform P where Ray White (co-curator) called me ‘Ring Master’. This event allowed me to gain great experience in the management of Live Art works at an inspirationally diverse performance art weekend. My role consisted of timetabling talks, video documentation, invigilating, artists and curators assistance and general management of events. I learnt how to quickly problem solve, (for example when an art work went missing within the hotel), multi-task and successfully assist performance artists.
The location of the project was really interesting as it was based in one of the oldest hotels in Plymouth.

“Art can happen in different places, different interesting places and by different people!
More projects like this is what Plymouth needs!”  – Ryan Curtis

(Artist: Ryan Curtis)
(Photography by Glen Stoker)

Project Supported by Arts Council England, Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Visual Arts Consortium, University of Plymouth, New Work Network, Duke of Cornwall Hotel

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