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Steven Claydon, British Arts Show Performance

Performance: Steven Claydon

(Photography by Bethie Helliwell)

Venue: Royal William Yard,
Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 3RP

Saturday 17 September, 5pm
A Plymouth Visual Arts Consortium (PVAC) Commission

“Enjoy a unique performance by British Art Show 7 artist, Steven Claydon, inspired by science fiction novel, ‘The Glass Bees’. The book was written in 1957 by well-known German author, Ernst Junger. Set in a futuristic world, it deals with the relationships between technology, society and nature.
Claydon describes an idyllic garden where, at a certain time of day, the loud of humming of bees can be heard – almost as if it’s been amplified by a giant bell.
Where are these bees, and what are they doing?

Using Plymouth’s Royal William Yard as a dramatic backdrop, Claydon creates a performance that explores truth, fiction and how the media misrepresents information that purposely changes reality and rewrites history.”

Text from:

(Photography by Bethie Helliwell)

While being Visual Arts Intern at Plymouth Arts Centre the summer of 2011 I was given the position of project manager for a PVAC (plymouth visual arts consortium) commission. Steven Claydon’s performance “An Equivalence Propelled, 2011”. It was a really amazing experience and I learnt a lot. Networking skills and curatorial/project management were excellent skills to learn and I was so lucky to learn them from the biggest exhibition in europe at the time. I was some what thrown in at the deep end, but I think, and have been told by others on the project, that I survived and swam pretty well. This was one of the most exhausting and utterly brilliant experiences of my life and I can not wait to hopefully one day make a career out of it. Working alongside the curators of the British Arts Show and Plymouth Arts Centre, the technicians for the show and the artists exhibited (predominately, Brain Griffiths, Steven Claydon and Keith Wilson) was a delightfully insightful experience.

Please see below a link to the Video Documentation of the Steven Claydon Performance:

– Video Documentation by Peter Patternson

Links for more information:

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