Bethie Helliwell Portfolio

First Year BA(tons) Textiles




My three objects were: A Typewriter, Dominoes and Matchboxes, all of which are linked by their aged look and the way in which they communicate. I believe that they all communicate by sharing information via typewriter text, or sharing a match to light a cigarette, or sharing a game of dominoes.

I wanted to create something that encompassed the thought of sharing in an interactive way.

My final outcome is a group of 6 boxes, matchbox in style, the inner tray made out of wood with a domino laser cut design and the outer sleeve is interfacing and fabric, with the top side being a word and pattern matching game and the underside being a picture puzzle. I think this interactive game has a quality to it, typewriter text, vintage floral patterning. 

I wanted to create ‘containers’, which is what I liked about the domino box, matchboxes and typewriter case. I love the thought of something functional and beautiful so these boxes have 3 different games that have to be played as a pair but they can also be used as storage boxes for personal individual little things. By containing something personal they become special to the owner and then when they play the simple games with a friend they share that experience together.

Playing and sharing in a game of sorts was very common evening entertainment in the age of my original chosen objects, one of which has an invoice dated 1913. I chose vintage fabrics and typewriter font to enhance the vintage style of the completed game. My typewriter and Dominoes set both come with instruction manuals, they are aged and ‘typed’ not computer produced and the way they explain how to ‘communicate’, ‘share’ and use these objects is a really beautiful form, so I wrote a short explanation of dominoes and printed this on the background of the word game.

I feel I have created my own objects which can be used in several different ways, be it a game, a container or a aesthetically pleasing object of which can just be observed.

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