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Karla Black

I would say although the look of Karla Blacks work is similar to mine the materials she uses are very different, but are defiantly something I would like to look into. Karla Black makes process-based sculptural pieces, often using familiar domestic materials such as Vaseline, clothing and flour. Both her ingredients and her method evoke feminine occupations such as baking and nursing. I really enjoy looking at this piece:

I don’t think it’s obvious upon looking at ‘Forget About Faces’ that the media used is Cling Film, body lotion, sellotape and paint. It seems almost more special than that, like when the media are combined together with the setting by the window with the light shining through it creates this amazing object much more extraordinary. It reminds me of a technique ive used before on my Foundation Diploma, where I used organza and flock, Karla Black’s work looks also furry. The media she using has great metaphoric qualities, firstly they can mostly all be used as household necessities, but alongside that the way she has used them could be so different. Cling film for example is translucent when used in one layer but when layered but it gives a hazy opacity. Out of the materials used in this piece the only one with historical use is paint, the others are very untraditional mediums for art.

I’ve found a really interesting video interview with Karla Black under this link:

Karla Black is part of The British Arts Show which is coming to my home town Plymouth and venues include my old college- Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth Arts Centre of which I had alot of involvement. I really hope I get to see some of her work first hand next year. Iconic.

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