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Lecture by Clare Curneen on Decoration and Symbolism in Contemporary Ceramics

Clare Curneen likes to represent stories within her sculptures; she revisits them and retells them. She also uses materials to symbolise other things, such as gold being blood due to the worth and value. She explains that through her work the materials really matter, I quote ‘things can happen in a kiln that you can’t do in the studio and those maybe mistakes but they may work’. I myself had made a mistake on my final project fabric for foundation. I was using screen printing glue on organza so put newsprint down to protect the bench, when I went to pick up my 3m long length of fabric it as stuck to the newsprint, I was devastated however when I started piling the paper off it left an amazing frayed and tarred effect which I loved so used it as one of my layers.

Clare spoke a lot about Porcelain and how light can come through it, I’d like to mix this with the translucent fabrics ive used in my work before.

Also the way in which her work was photographed was interesting, she showed us one image of her sculpture whereby the subject looked huge, almost life sized, however the next image was of the same sculpture but it showed it in the context of  room and it was on a plinth and cant of been taller than 1ft. It made me write down in my notes ‘Photograph things by making them look miniature and enlarged’.

Details are very important in Clare’s work be it the curve of a finger nail of the slowly falling floral motifs which slip over the surface of her human form sculptures. Her inspiration is from stories as I mentioned before but also from ceramics, such as blue and white plates and very old paintings involving Christ. The images she showed us had a sort of charged stillness that I can’t explain; I think it would have had even more impact if I had viewed the paintings for real. Her pieces always seem to be looking somewhere in particular, wondering something, thinking about many things. Very good lecture.

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