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The Traveling School of Art Book Launch

Thursday 7th October 2010

I travelled down to Plymouth today, my hometown, to attend my Book launch. This was an amazing opportunity for me to make a speech to people in the Art World I really respect and to explain to them my project which ive worked on for over a year now with my fellow ‘Young Plymouth Arts Centre’ members. Im really pleased with the book and the quality it has been printed in. It consists of documentation of the project and activity pages for people to take part in the workshop tasks we held all over the city of Plymouth in summer 2010 with willing members of the public who became our travelling students. I was general editor and the photography and layout in the book is my work, the text is written by my friends and colleagues Ali and Mali. We obtained funding from the Transformation Fund and Plymouth Arts Centre in order to carry out this project, without the support of Plymouth Arts Centre YPAC would not be as established, well known and would defiantly not have as many amazing opportunities. Our project was called ‘The Traveling School of Art’ and our book was titled ‘Start Here’ as was our instillation which featured in an exhibition about walking and the city of Plymouth called ‘Ambulation’ at Plymouth Arts Centre. Our instillation was a water proof box on a plinth filled with the items a travelling teacher may need on a journey- the journey, is a walk around Plymouth planned to show the sights and the everyday, the walker follows clues to each locations of which there are 13. At each location for example Plymouth Hoe and Plymouth Railway station there is a hidden box which contains a task, the materials to carry out the task, information about the project and a log book. In the log books we have had some interesting messages both from people we know and people such as Plymouth City Gardeners who added a precious plant seed to one of our boxes. The book in cooperates all of this in a 40page book which is very precious to me and my colleagues. It is currently on sale at Plymouth Arts Centre and we intend to have it on sale in a Arty Café fashion house called ‘FortyFive’, it will also be available on the publishers website,

Taking time off university at this early stage was not an easy decision to make however I feel that this was both a rewarding experience as well as a learning experience. People I didn’t know approached me after my speech and said I spoke very well, wish pleased me because I couldn’t remember how it went myself due to nerves. I am so proud of the work I have done this year and the people I have worked alongside, I feel part of the family and staff cohort at Plymouth Arts Centre and that is a contact that is just priceless.

You can find out more information about this project and future projects at the links below:

Facebook: The Traveling School or Art

                 Young PAC


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