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U:1 exhibition


In September 2010, just before I moved to Cardiff I had my work in a U:1 exhibition at Plymouth Arts Centre.

U:1 are an organisation of emerging artist working in Plymouth. Their aim is to offer a supportive non-profit studio, the group meet every week as well as organising events and exhibitions to showcase artists work.

Having my work in this collaborative show helped me grow as an artist, I think the main point was that it wasnt an exhibition arranged by a School or College, I had to go to meetings and do organisation tasks in order for the exhibition to go ahead. The feedback I received while at the private view was very interesting. For example, people came up to me and asked me to explain the piece, I hadnt prepared for these questions but I feel I answered them well by telling the viewers what I was thinking while I created the piece and the thoughts and feelings that evoked me. The gallery was full of people all night and I had a offer from a Fashion/Fine Art Photographer wanting to employ a model and photograph my work, however I didn’t how time before I moved to Cardiff, but will hopefully be arranging this for Christmas time.





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